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Shopper Marketing 什麼是購物者行銷?

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Shopper marketing is the art and science of influencing consumer behavior while they are shopping.

This field of marketing research seeks to understand how sights, sounds, aromas and appeals to the senses inspire customer interest and affect their decisions. These marketers gain insight into the factors that drive purchases and use them in their design of packaging, shelving, and promotional plans.

Pantene ASEAN 超市陳列架設計
Pantene 東南亞超市品牌貨架規劃

Shopper marketing includes the design of eye-catching Points of Sales Materials (POSM) such as table displays, floor displays, hanging displays, posters, and sky hangers. It also includes demos, taste tests and other promotional activities that attract customers to come up close and experience the product. Attractive scents and lighting are also ways to entice customer interest.

Experts in shopper marketing design ways to make a brand and product appealing just as the shopper is ready to buy.

Why is shopper marketing important?

According to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, as many as 70% of a customer’s purchasing decisions are made in the store. That means the in-store shopper experience is key to influencing the person to buy a product.


In addition, 44% of Americans make impulse purchases according to BrandSpark International’s third annual BrandSpark/Better Homes and Garden American Shopper Survey. Much of what shoppers buy is due to stimuli they experience while they are shopping.

An understanding of shopper behavior and how to affect it is key to the success of any product.

Why shopper marketing is important for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are more likely to be purchased on impulse partly because these products are relatively inexpensive and used often.

What makes them stand out in the store? Packaging design is a key factor. Of all the shampoos on the shelf, which package design is the most attractive? Which communicated the product’s most appealing features? These are all achieved through the product packaging – the shape of the product, and the colors, style and words on the package.

Pantene 禮盒包裝紙套設計
Pantene 禮盒包裝盒&紙套設計

In addition to the packaging of the product, the shelves and other especially designed Point of Sales Materials (POSM) will make a product stand out in a crowded store.

The designs used in shopper marketing are key to a product’s success.

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