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Herbal Essences Window Display Design

The aura of a Royal Botanical Garden

Project objective

  • Herbal Essences bio: renew launch.

  • The first global hair care brand endorsed by Kew, the global authority on plants

  • The window display needs to evoke thoughts of “England", "premium" "garden," and "natural”.

  • The biggest challenge was there was no element of reference from other countries. This display design was a totally new creation.

  • Design elements provided by client: product shot, logo, website reference.

Process / solution

  • Research and analysis of distinctive elements of a British royal garden 

  • The proposal conveys the Royal Garden theme through the design of the arches, display stands, flower clocks, central setting, and exquisite engravings.

  • Products and ingredients are clearly presented in the center, and the product map is enlarged through the window stickers.

Herbal Essneces Window Display Side

Herbal Essneces Window Display Front

Herbal Essneces Window Display Back

Herbal Essneces Window Display Close

Herbal Essneces Window Display Inner

Herbal Essneces Window Display Front



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