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Brand identity Dayungs Store Design


| 大苑子

Rebranding Dayungs:

brand visuals and design a new flagship store

Slogan and Spirit:

Let the world see the beauty of fruit

Dayungs’ dedication to providing the best quality fruit has given it a reputation as a top brand for fresh fruit drinks. It picks in-season fruit at the peak of ripeness and delivers it daily to its stores. All of its fruit has passed government pesticide inspection.

After Paradise Design identified the core values and spirit of Dayungs, it renewed its image through brand visuals and a new concept store.


The new visuals “let the world see the beauty of fruit” and show Dayungs' commitment to serving the highest quality fruit, fruit drinks and desserts to its customers.

Store Design

Through the launch of a new concept store, Paradise expanded Dayungs' takeout drinks model to become a destination for people to relax and enjoy the finest fruit ice desserts and drinks.


The store design took the concept of the traditional Taiwanese ice dessert shop where people gather with friends and infused it with a refreshing modern style.


The traditional white tiles were decorated with stylish drawings of fruit and paired with a serene green motif on its walls and counters.


Fresh fruit displayed near the full-length glass door showcases the allure of fresh fruit.


A clock composed of 12 pictures of fruit in season for each month stylishly exhibits the charm of seasonal fruit.


Wooden house frames are placed over selected tables in the spacious B1 dining area to give customers the feeling of being at home in one’s own special space.


The new concept store is a refreshing spacious dining environment in the heart of Taipei that has become a popular place to spend time with friends, hold a meeting, or just relax. 

Logo Design

Paradise redesigned the logo, brand guideline colors and fonts. We recreated the brand identity with innovative visuals but kept Dayungs' original spirit. The new logo displays a spirit of calmness, credibility, and sincerity as a brand distinguished by its fruit expertise.


Paradise used the font MF ZhenSong that has a square-like structure and a gentle but firm texture as its base. It sliced the calligraphy strokes of Dayungs just right as it blended the fresh natural image of a leaf into the character.


The fresh leaf exudes Dayungs’ core values as it only serves the freshest local fruit. It also echoes the original logo of a house, which embodies Dayungs' welcoming spirit.


The color of the fruit leaf was adjusted from light to darker green. The team also modified the proportion of elements to enhance the texture of the logo.


The new logo conveys the stability of Dayungs through its 19-year history and enhances the brand’s spirit and uniqueness.

Design Items

Logo & VI / Fruit Gift Box / Cup Design / Uniform / Name Card / Visual Design /

Store Design

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