Branding Design

"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand."

By Paul Rand

Brand Story:

Achieve unity of nature and human through attending the seasonal approach. Nurture in Spring, purify in Summer, moisturize in Autumn, and nourish in Winter.

The herbs are most genuine and effective when sowed and harvested as suggested by the 24 solar terms (lunar calendar)

Spring, Breed
The air elixir and earth elixir rise, breeding all things. As there are increasingly disturbances of Spring , the skin is vulnerable…
Nurturing is the way.

Summer, Grow
Plants flourish, the air elixir and earth elixir are mutually induced, bringing prosperity to the world. It’s an opportunity to clear chronic troubles as the skin metabolism stirs, and also a good time to brightening the skin.
Purifying is the way

Autumn, Harvest
The air elixir hastens while earth elixir brightens. The skin easily becomes dry in Autumn. To avoid roughness or wrinkles…
Moisturizing is the way. 

Winter, Cover
Water freezes and land cracks, so never consume too much Yang essence. The skin lacks nutrition and is easily aged…
Nourishing is the way.

Design Items:

  • Logo & VI

  • Bottle & Pack

  • Brochure

  • E-Banner & E-Content Page

  • Gift Box

  • Sleeve

  • Presentation Templates

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