Beginning and Reason

Stupid Chicken was called Stupid Tasty Chicken. It is popular among housewives at the local markets in the Taipei area. Since the percentage of singles increase in recent years, and white collars begin to purchase daily supplies in local markets, Stupid Chicken sees the potential market in this new segment. As the 20th anniversary approach, Stupid Chicken wants to bring new brand visuals to expand its brand awareness into the younger demographics.

Process of Building a New LOGO

As the original design of the logo already brings awareness among customers, we want to provide a more innovative and extended version for the new logo. In the innovative version, we apply a simple print style to present Mr. Stupid which creates the craftsmanship spirit and style into the logo. This style brings a sense of trust and connecting the taste and memory of every generation.

Since the Stupid Chicken is a local Taiwanese brand, we want to build the brand to fit into the local culture. We make Mr. Stupid wear a shirt with an apron and headscarf which represented the clean and refreshing image of the Taiwanese style. The chicken that Mr. Stupid holds on hand represents the passion and readiness of serving the customers.

Design Items

  • Logo & VI

  • Shop Sign

  • Uniform & Hat

  • Sticker



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