Rebranding Dayungs: Visuals and Concept Store Design

Innovating Brand Visuals: Build a Pioneering Store Space


Dayungs started its business by selling fruit. It only uses the local and in-season fruit that pass pesticide inspection to make drinks for its customers. Therefore, it gains a unique position among other handmade drink chain stores.

After Paradise Design extensively identifies the core values, tone, and voice of Dayungs, our team revamps the new visual of the brand. Through redesigning the logo, brand guideline colors and fonts, the brand image of Dayungs has shifted. The new image brings more sense of calm, credibility, and sincerity as a fruit expertise brand. The new visual shows the spirit of “let the world sees the beauty of fruit” and the commitment that Dayungs promises to serve the highest quality of fruit for its customers. This highlights the position of Dayungs as Taiwan’s number one brand that provides exceptional fresh fruit, which is packed and shipped to stores efficiently with Dayungs own supply chain system.

Through the redesign of Concept Store, our team wants to break Dayungs usual takeout sales model.

Instead of letting customers take out their drinks, we want to build a cozy dining environment and provide a great place for customers to hang out, have a meeting, and relax. 

Logo Design

Use the font, MF ZhenSong, that has a square-like structure and a gentle but firm texture as a base, and appropriately slice the strokes of Dayungs and blend the image of a leaf into the character. The concept presents the core value of Dayungs that only serves Taiwan local fruit. This echoes with the original logo of the house, which represents the welcomeness of Dayungs. Besides that, we adjust the brightness of the fruit leaf from light to darker green. We also modify the proportion of elements to increase the texture of the logo. We want to recreate the brand identity with innovative visuals but keep the initial intention of Dayungs. The new logo can deliver the calmness of Dayungs through its 19 years history and enhance the brand’s spirit and uniqueness.

Design Items

  • Logo & VI

  • Fruit Gift Box

  • Cup Design

  • Uniform

  • Name Card

  • Visual Design

  • Store Design

Peripheral Design


Store Design




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